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Club Abitibi Saint Patrick's Boat Party

Cruise Date: March 16, 2024
Boarding: 8:00 PM - 8:50PM
Departure: 09:00 PM
Return: 12:00 AM
Vessel: Abitibi

Club Abitibi's 19+ year's event revival boat dance party cruise with Saint Patrick's day theme for a 3 hour cruise. A large interior deck and dance floor with great viewing as well as a large outside sun-deck for fabulous night time city skyline views of Vancouver and its highlighted landmark points of interest. Get the party started as early at 8:00pm with available licensed "cash" bar and snacks for sale.Early bird tickets start at 35$ & Online tickets issued are non-refundable, accepting major credit cards. Online order confirmation provided followed by virtual tickets emailed to bring to boarding time with card provided for the order. Email provided link to online PDF downloadable map to keep handy when you arrive at general Plaza of Nations location to board ship via Dock B of the Pacific Boulevard Marina.

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